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Staying on the trending "Sketch" train, this one is another high converter.  People absolutely love visualization, so this one resonates well with everyone, not just someone looking for their Soulmate.

We've created a high converting offer that our customers love and resonates to almost every demographic so you can promote it literally anywhere.  Whatever traffic source or email list you have, odds are, this offer will work for you!

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Ad #1:

Headline: You’re Capable Of A Lot More Than You Think.
Sub headline: Don’t Let This Opportunity Pass.

What if our bodies aren’t who we are?

Since the day we were born, we were always made to believe that our names, looks, and bodies are who we are. 🙅🤔

👉But what if we’re a lot more than we’ve ever thought?

👉What if our consciousness can expand beyond what our bodies are capable of and affect the universe on a massive scale we never knew was possible?

✨That’s where you begin your journey to discovering your higher self.✨

A version of you that exists on a much higher realm, and one that can only be accessed by tapping into the right energy frequencies and spiritual potency. 💡🤩

✅We’re offering you the opportunity to gain a deeper look into what your higher self looks like, and how that affects your physical being.

It’s an opportunity to learn more about your innate spiritual powers, and an eye-opening experience that leaves most people in awe of their own hidden talents. 😌💪

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Ad #2:

Headline: It’s Time To SEE Your Higher Self! 
Sub headline: No More Making Shots In The Dark.

Struggling To Find “The One”?

On everyone’s spiritual journey, it’s inevitable to hit a roadblock. 🧱❌

Because we’re searching beyond what we see, hear, and touch, we sometimes struggle to envision and channel our next step. 😪👎

👉👉Especially when searching for a soulmate and someone to spend the rest of your life with, things can be challenging if you don’t know who YOU are!

It’s difficult to wrap your head around such concepts, and you need a picture, a sound, or a smell even to help you break past what you know. 🤔💭

✅That’s the opportunity we’re offering you today: The chance to experience an elevated spiritual journey fueled by your own higher self.

✨We channel your higher being through accurate portraits and depictions of their powers, how they look, and their innate talents and abilities.✨

Starting today, you can start moving forward with full confidence knowing that you’re a lot more capable than you thought and that your consciousness expands way past what you know. 🤩💌

⏬Tap the link below to learn more!⏬

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Now you can collect your own emails with this HIGH CONVERTING free reading funnel.

In just 3 days, we tested this out and generated over 200 emails with a 75% conversion rate!!!

How it Works:

  • User requests a free mini Soulmate reading from the landing page.
  • User enters their email address to get the free reading.
  • You collect and own the email address in your favorite email program like Aweber, Getresponse, etc.
  • ​We automatically send the user the free reading and follow-up emails to Higher Self Drawing with your affiliate link.
  • ​The user is immediately directed to the Higher Self Drawing offer after they enter their email with your affiliate link.

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